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Hire me

Want to commission some art from me?

Or maybe you have something else business related in mind?


In either case, you can reach out to me via e-mail, or Instagram dm’s. I check both daily.

The final price of a commission ultimately comes down to ”pen mileage”. Here are some estimates for the pricing of commissions and how working with me generally goes:


Artwork with detailed background and foreground with entities/machines/etc. is going to cost around $250-$350. (See ’Spirit Body’ below for reference). We’ll negotiate the price before I start working so there’ll be as few monetary surprises on your end as possible. I’m pretty good at estimating the hours a piece is gonna take.

But maybe you don’t need a full detail piece that’s 50 hours of work. In that case the price will naturally be a bit lower. For example, I’d charge $150 for a commission similar in pen mileage to my piece ’Zuccedelic’ (see below). The price for even smaller jobs like fairly simple profile pictures is going to be well under $100.

Quick revisions that don’t constitute a huge restructuring of the piece are $25 each and I’ll do two at most for each commission if need be. You get a link to the high resolution file after I have received the payment in full. I accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer or ETH/BTC.

Hopefully you found this price breakdown helpful. I’m looking forward to working with you :)

’Spirit Body’

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